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exclusive fully functional 3x4x5 cuboid very hard and difficult custom Rubikexclusive fully functional 3x4x5 cuboid very hard and difficult custom Rubik

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The 3x4x5 cuboid is a very difficult puzzle that designed as one of my first puzzles in summer 2009. After four design iterations, I finally have a puzzle I'm satisfied with. The final mechanism takes a bit of inspiration from the V-Cubes but features double locking to keep in the originally unstable parts.
The final version of this puzzle rotates very smoothly and is also very stable. It was designed in May 2010.
To allow excess powder to be removed, there are holes on all outside faces of this puzzle. This is why using tiles rather than stickers is recommended.

This puzzle can be bought as a DIY kit from my puzzle shop. A DIY kit contains just the 3D printed pieces needed to build the puzzle, you will need to supply your own stickers and screws, springs and washers (usually M3 size). I no longer sell assembled puzzles directly.

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