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Switch Box

Switch Cube very difficult custom RubikSwitch Cube very difficult custom RubikSwitch Cube very difficult custom RubikSwitch Cube very difficult custom Rubik

This is my Switch Box puzzle. It's a 3x3x3, but some edges and corners are bandaged together with a red part, that can slide along the edge. However, the switch can only slide in to a corner with an appropriate gap and only one switch can slide in to a given corner at a time. This means endless variations are possible: a corner can have 1, 2, 3 or no cutouts at all. You can vary the position and count of edges with(-out) a switch. Of course it is also possible to make a variation where multiple switches can occupy a corner at once.

I've built a slight little click in to the sliding action so the switches do not move on their own. This has worked out very well. The sliding pieces have slight tapers at their ends so they can move in easily without requiring perfect alignment. Over all I put a lot of thought in to the design and it really shows. I'm very happy with how this turned out. In my copy of this puzzle I have colored the sliders with permanent marker and spray lacquered them. This worked quite well though I'm sure that red, polished strong and flexible is a good (and less labour intensive) option.

For details on how to buy this puzzle, read the twisty puzzles forum post.

This puzzle can be bought as a DIY kit from my puzzle shop. A DIY kit contains just the 3D printed pieces needed to build the puzzle, you will need to supply your own stickers and screws, springs and washers (usually M3 size). I no longer sell assembled puzzles directly.

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