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Tetrahedral Twins

Tetrahedral Twins special custom stella octangula Rubik

The Tetrahedral Twins stella octangula shaped puzzle can be viewed as a combination of two Master Pyraminxes into one. It nicely illustrates the dual properties of the tetrahedron shape. The mechanism of puzzle is also the base for my Dino Skewb. The puzzle rotates smoothly. The stickers are recessed to prevent them from rubbing off when the other pieces pass over them.

This puzzle can be bought as a DIY kit from my puzzle shop. A DIY kit contains just the 3D printed pieces needed to build the puzzle, you will need to supply your own stickers and screws, springs and washers (usually M3 size). I no longer sell assembled puzzles directly.

Click here to buy your own Tetrahedral Twins puzzle kit from my shop

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